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Diet and Nutrition

Whatever you put inside effects the outside. Most of us could chow on donuts, slurp the fizzy drinks and chomp those chips when we were young. Those days are gone. Today we need to feed our bodies and minds into full Sassista splendour.


Getting the Microbiome Back on Track

Top tips for a New Year gut cleanse

So here we are – another year, another few pounds gained over Christmas, another wave of regret and guilt. We look down and see a tummy which covers our toes and groan. Let’s face it, we have done just about everything to disrupt our microbiome and put our guts into bloated distress:

The Staying Sassy Christmas reset diet

How to drop the Christmas bloat quickly

OK so despite the good intentions you have indulged in high carb snacks, roast potatoes, bread sauce, a ton of chocolate and a few kilos of cake and pies – all washed down with a good measure of booze. It is not so unusual for people to gain a few pounds in the three days of Christmas but if you are waking up with a bulging tummy and a definite feeling of lethargy then it might be a good time to reset your body before the next onslaught of parties over New Year.

Avoiding the Christmas Flubber Attack

Top tips for avoiding weight gain over Christmas

It’s about the start – the big Christmas food frenzy. Shopping carts groaning with calories will be wheeled out of every supermarket; indulgent liqueurs, wines, champagne and creamy after-dinner temptations; every type of candy from the must-have Quality Street to Cherry liqueurs will be hidden in cupboards away from prying man-eyes. Add to these the pounds of protein in turkey, beef, ham, pate and cheese.

The Staying Sassy Great Green Smoothie

The best way to make your smoothie is in a Nutribullet or a very good blender. It needs to be strong enough to whip everything into one smooth green drink.

Gut busting – a nine-day gut-cleansing programme that works

Over the past few years nutritionists and doctors have started to highlight the importance of having a clean gut, which means a gut which is properly balanced in terms of bacteria and also able to both digest food and pull out nutrients efficiently.

Sugar – sweet and scrumptious or white poison?

What was the song? ‘A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down’. More recent evidence indicates that the white demon might just be more kill than cure. Or are we just reacting to another dietary fad in which one food source is blamed for all ills in the world?

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