Do you want to feel happy? There are many things to bring joy to life - health, children, partners, hobbies, family, and money. By the time you are 45 you have wisdom, experience and stories to add to the mix. Happiness is a state of mind driven by positive attitude and action. This is about rethinking life, you and everything you do.


The Making life Sassy Series – Step one: Life assessment

Is your life…

How can I use mindfulness to help manage stress in my busy life?

Mindfulness is about cultivating our ability to be present to what is happening in the here and now. It is about bringing our attention into the present moment. Being aware of what is happening in our bodies, minds and immediately around us and without judgment.

Top tips for changing negative thinking

Article Number Two in our 'Think Yourself Sassy' series

We ended the last article with:

Remember, a thought is just a neural connection. Change the thought, change the neural connection, change the feeling.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? The trouble is that rewiring your brain is like rewiring your house – it takes:

Why do woman over 45 feel they are invisible?

Top tips for getting your self-confidence re-boosted

We all loved Harry Potter and his invisibility cloak. But we also know that when his friend, Hermione, reaches her middle years she will feel as if she has one of her own.

My discussions with women all over the UK and the USA reveal a common thread – something happens between 45 and 50 to make you feel invisible. These discussions have yielded statements such as:

Top tips for changing negative thinking

Article Number One in our ‘Think Yourself Sassy’ series

We have all seen her haven’t we? She is that perfectly dressed professional woman who is distinguishable by the absence of a bulging handbag of defibrillator-esque cosmetic products to get her through two hours of networking scrutiny. She has no need for root touch up powder, spare tummy control tights or the travel version of every Frizz ease product known to woman.


The Office Party and all that Jazz

Top tips for managing office etiquette and alcohol

It’s that time of year. Workers of the world unite in facing the whirl of parties, drinks parties and office forays into the festive season. Suddenly, all that diversity training and warnings from HR about harassment and office equality go pop with the cava cork.  A Sassy office plea for terrible party stories from our network delivered a plethora of hilarious and cringe-worthy stories including:

The habits of very successful sassy women

Are they born? Are they trained? Are they just lucky?

Well, the Sassistas have been scouring the internet for the answers and it seems there is a bit of everything going on – but most of it is about focus and determination with a good dollop of common sense and using their brains.

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