I am many things – a doctor of psychology, occupational psychologist, trained coach, consultant, mediator, NLP practitioner, development consultant, a writer, a partner, step-mother by deed rather than marriage documents, small-time property developer, sailor and boat lover. I try to be sassy, clever and funny but often end up grumpy and snarly when I see women held back – either by themselves or by ‘experts’. I am 54. I would like to be a size 12 and I dye my hair. I also try to be a friend, a thinker, an advisor. My best days are when someone says I have made a difference to their confidence or their career and helped them make a positive shift in their mind, body or soul. But truth to tell, I am just like you – a woman who fights to keep her Sassy side live.

This blog will not tell you my daily coming and going (far too dull) or the clothes that I wear (far too conservative until I retire). It will be a weekly observation on what has made my Sassy side scream, cheer, laugh, think or shout.

Cool as a Christmas Cucumber!

Well it is nearly here – that season of joy, endless parties, booze (take a look at our article on managing the office party!), present-dilemmas, last-minute panic buying, card posting and, yes, frantically buying copious amounts of food because – shock horror – the supermarkets will be closed for a whole day!

I am writing this blog from the States – Chicago in fact - and, I have to say, they seem to be far more relaxed about Christmas – or holiday season – here. Houses are transformed into grottoes of light, groups of people meet for dinner and drinks wearing their reindeer and Christmas headbands; every little girl has a Christmas outfit and a wand; Christmas jumpers are de-rigour even for the sassiest of career women.

Guest Blog by Helen Matthews

‘After Leaving the Village’ - Researching Modern Slavery: Real Life - More Terrifying than Fiction

What made you write a novel about human trafficking and modern slavery? It’s a fair question and one I’m frequently asked since my debut suspense thriller ‘After Leaving the Village’ was published recently.


Networking and human trafficking

Another week and another fabulous group of strong women. This week I was a guest at TWIN – The Women’s Insurance Network – for an evening of networking, sharing stories, fundraising and listening to the story of Ella’s Home – more of which later.

Strong women and imposter syndrome

Last week I was I my element – surrounded by a group of sassy, strong women who had made it in life. I was speaking at a conference for woman lawyers from all over Europe and the subject was very simple – them and their potential.

Our first Staying Sassy seminar!

This week saw the first of our Sassy seminars – ‘45 and very much alive’. I faced a pretty tough audience – twenty very independent, strong and feisty women from the London Welsh Club. My audience ranged from 45 to 85 and not a shrinking violet amongst them.

Westminster, sexual abuse, harassment, abuse of power and what it will mean for women in the workplace

First let’s be very clear on where I stand: Any man or woman who uses their political or physical power to intimidate, harass or harm another person for their own gratification deserves the full weight of the law to come down upon them and the full weight of their colleagues against them. 

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