I am many things – a doctor of psychology, occupational psychologist, trained coach, consultant, mediator, NLP practitioner, development consultant, a writer, a partner, step-mother by deed rather than marriage documents, small-time property developer, sailor and boat lover. I try to be sassy, clever and funny but often end up grumpy and snarly when I see women held back – either by themselves or by ‘experts’. I am 54. I would like to be a size 12 and I dye my hair. I also try to be a friend, a thinker, an advisor. My best days are when someone says I have made a difference to their confidence or their career and helped them make a positive shift in their mind, body or soul. But truth to tell, I am just like you – a woman who fights to keep her Sassy side live.

This blog will not tell you my daily coming and going (far too dull) or the clothes that I wear (far too conservative until I retire). It will be a weekly observation on what has made my Sassy side scream, cheer, laugh, think or shout.

woman courage

Courage in everyday women

Two weeks ago I wrote about my dear friend Don who had taught me so much through his gentlemanly kindness and generous spirit. There is no doubting that the past weeks have had a daily gap - no more chats over the fence, advice on the budding flowers, review of Welsh rugby and how we were truly robbed by a bad call (yes – officially pronounced!) on a definite try. His sister and I speak daily – but the gap is ever there.

haiti earthquake

Fallen Angels – when charity and wrong go hand in hand

For most people over 50 the name Oxfam has become the catch-all for charity giving. ‘Give it to Oxfam’ is the usual term just as ‘get out the hoover’ is the catch-all for cleaning and ‘pass the kleenex’ for tissues. To most of us Oxfam is the symbol of good, giving, generosity of spirit and that warm feeling of having done something for the less fortunate.

sad woman

When a good friend dies

I have been away a while. Life happens and the two inevitables of taxes and death catch up. Last spring it was my mother. This year it was my old friend Don – a friend and neighbour who has made life good for over fifteen years.

Blue Monday


Blue Monday and dark days. Ten top tips for getting more cheerful.

Well hopefully you have survived Blue Monday – the most miserable day of the year. Apparently it was identified by Cliff Arnol at Cardiff University in 2005 and even had a formula to explain why we find the day so very bad.

 New year 2018

New Year Resolutions and top tips for getting your year off to a good start

Well the holiday is over, the turkey demolished, the tinsel back in the attic and only the odd forlorn, forgotten Christmas ornament left on a shelf to remind us that we have gone through the most indulgent two weeks of the year.


Photo Credit: Jonathan Bachman/Reuters

Well it’s been quite a sassy year!

As we get ready for a new year, it is good to look back on the passing twelve months and think where we have been, what we have endured, what we have learned, what we have laughed over, loved and loathed. By doing this we can look forward and think about making next year even better.

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