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The Widow by Fiona Barton

Book review by GJ Williams

As an aspiring writer I love to deep dive into a book. A book which you cannot put down because you just need to know what happens next is a treat. The Widow has had mixed reviews on Bookread, but for me it was one of those ‘keep reading’ books.

The Widow starts with the death of a ‘good’ husband. He fell under a bus. Nobody saw what happened and his widow is wracked with grief. Or is she?

Chapter by chapter, we uncover the memories of the widow, recalling her once perfect boyfriend who became the manipulative fiancé, who became the controlling husband who became the suspected child killer. He was, years ago, accused and cleared of the kidnap of little Bella. Loved by her single mother, adored by the neighbours, safe in the front garden playing with her pet cat, all seemed well. But somebody took Bella. Who took her? Why? Where is she?

Then Jean seems less and less the mousy widow being chased mercilessly by the press and needing the protection of one feisty journalist, Kate. She was not the loving wife. She was not the dutiful daughter. She was a woman wracked by her own sorrow and full of hate. But was she implicated?

Each chapter throws you through perspective and time, creating a patchwork of intrigue, suspicion, grief and control. There are many suspects and no apparent motive other than the awful spectacle of child abuse. In the midst of this, works Kate the feisty journalist and an almost broken detective – the pair who should probably have an affair but never do. Both want the story – for different reasons and in different ways. They work together and are destined to walk apart.

The end will twist and then break your heart.


The author

Fiona Barton trains and works with journalists. Having worked as senior writer, news editor and reporter at the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday respectively, she brings a wealth of insight into the human condition into her writing.

The Widow is her first novel but we hope not the last.

Her web-page is: http://www.fionabartonauthor.com/

You can follow her on Twitter @figbarton #thewidow



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