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Killer Women Crime Club Anthology #1

Review by GJ Williams

This is the first anthology of the Killer Women Crime Club – a group of London based, female crime writers who have come together to not only write, but put on events and publications in their favourite arena – women in crime. If you are new to the crime genre, this is a perfect taster book to get a feel for fifteen great writers, their style and their voice. If you are a died in the wool crime lover, then it is a potpourri of tales which you can dip into, Tom-Thumb style, whether you have five minutes on a train or a blissful hour alone to immerse yourself into a book. With a foreword by Val McDermid and lauding by Peter James, it has to be a good buy.

Every tale will grip you and for different reasons – my favourites were: Alex Marwood’s claustrophobic story of a women trapped on holiday with a man she dislikes pressing through narrow cliff corridors to a temple. You assume the evil will come from the man. But no – the final line will make you yelp; then Melanie McGrath’s twisted tale of a woman driven to evil by a racy octogenarian in a pink bikini (you have to read it!); Tammy Cohen’s skin-crawling story of The Previous Tenant; Kate Rhodes’ tale of Natural Justice will have you covering your eyes; in the middle of the book is a tale called The Witch by Kate Medina which will fill you with horror and bring you to anguished tears.  

There is not a dull story in the whole book and my favourites may not be yours. What I can assure is that there is something for everyone and more than enough to keep you engaged, thinking and wincing from cover to cover.

The Authors

All fifteen authors are already published, many are prize-winning and all have the gift of transporting you to another place, another time and even another psychology. They include, as well as those above, Colette McBeth, Sarah Hilary, Helen Smith and Laura Wilson.

The Killer Women Club has already run a first convention in October 2016 and there is more in the pipeline. If you want to know more about the group then you can find them on www.killer-women.org/killer-women-club

The book is available through Amazon: At only £7.99 for the paperback it is the perfect Christmas present for all your Sassista friends. If it is for Kindle then you will pay a ridiculous £1.99. There’s no excuse not to buy and enjoy!


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