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Restaurant Review

Docks Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill, 633 3rd Avenue, New York, New York

This place bustles inside as much as the streets outside. A substantial restaurant and a favourite in New York the Dock specialises in seafood. Oysters are high on the list for diners and the sound of shucking never stops.

The atmosphere is buzzy, with diners ranging from corporate meets, through romantic dinner for two to big family tables. Service is fast, friendly and definitely New York energetic. There is something lovely about a waitress calling you ‘Ladybug’ and chatting about her favourite cocktails.

The menu centres on seafood but burgers, steaks and chicken are available. We chose to share a starter of calamari with sweet chilli sauce. This was 50:50. The calamari was sea-fresh and in a very light batter straight from the pan. Non-greasy and flavourful. However, the chilli sauce tasted as if it were out of a bottle and was overly sweet. It would have done as a pudding.

For entrees, we had a range of dishes. The sushi was beautifully presented and fresh with rice just right and not too heavy. Grilled prawns on spicy basmati was full of exotic flavours. The bed of spiced rice was a good base for four juicy prawns. The burger was high quality beef and with all the trimmings including string fries which were crisp – so out of the pan and not out of the heating cupboard. Looking around, the more formal dishes of halibut and sea bass were going down a treat on other tables.

Wine list was good if not spectacular.

Sassy rating: 7/10. A good place to eat and great service, but let down by the chilli sauce.


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