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Getting in on the gin – five gins for Christmas

Sassistas who like a tipple cannot have missed the fact that gin is on the rise. No longer in the realm of mother’s ruin and the evil of gin lane, this historic drink is becoming increasingly popular and the must have drink. Not only are there hundreds, yes hundreds, of different gins, each with their own distinct subtle botanical flavours, but gin has gone beyond the simple spirit to mix with tonic. Gin is an essential ingredient for cocktails, fruit liqueurs and even unmixed digestives.

Micro distilleries are popping up all over the world. Our resident advisor, Kelli Coxhead of the Winscombe Wine Shop chooses her favourites from her own county of Somerset and further afield. Here are her 5 top makes chosen from their wide range of gins.

Gin Jar Gin £33.99 from the medieval village of Axbridge, Chris is a family man with great entrepreneurial spirit and with that spirit he has a range of mouth-watering Gins. Classic Chromosome 16, is the base for all the gins he then infuses different botanicals to get the rich flavours including Burnt Orange, Rhubarb & Ginger and if you like the heat then check out his Twisted Chilli!

In the village of Sandford a local cider maker has been experimenting with their Katy apples as the base spirit alongside botanicals of lavender from Axbridge and macadamia nut, giving a rich spicy element to the gin. Thatchers Orchard Cut Apple Gin £33.99

Psychopomp is a micro-distillery created by Liam who started in the cellar of his house in Bristol. His first and all year round creation is Woden £37.99, made with grapefruit and fennel, which gives a lovely burst of freshness and finishes off with a delicate spice. Each season Liam creates another gin, this time of year it is the Papa Ghede £37.99 using beetroot which gives a deep earthiness.

Feeling a little continental? Gin A La Madame £33.99 is made for a niche bar in Rome called Jerry Thomas. Steeped in 15 different botanicals with a gentle filtration through silk to keep the full flavour. Amber in colour, full of spice and notes of orange and vanilla.

Saffron Gin £33.99created from an old recipe found by the Gabriel Boudier family in Dijon France. Using 9 botanicals including fennel, orange and lemon peel. The luxury spice Saffron gets added at the end of distillation.

If you want to know more about gin or other offerings and festive tipples of this wonderful spirit, then contact Kelli at:

The Wine Shop, 21 Woodborough Road, Winscombe BS25 1AB. Tel: 01934 708 312


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