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Food and drink is more than sustenance. It is art, love, giving, relaxation, energy, social, nourishment, kindness, fun…and the list goes on. On our new page we will be bringing you recipes, drinks, fun foodie ideas, restaurants and places where Sassistas can relax. If you have somewhere or something to be reviewed – get in touch.


Cocktail of the week - Elderflower G & T

Looking out at the British weather it may be hard to believe that, meteorologically, today is the first day of spring. Yes, Christmas is long gone, the nights are drawing out, and the weather should start to get warmer (hopefully).

So let’s raise a glass to our changing seasons, wave goodbye to winter and get into the spring spirit by celebrating with a delicious spring-fresh cocktail.

Restaurant Review

The Duck at Burtle

Station Road, Burtle, Somerset TA7 8NU Tel: 01278 238282  

Every few months my hubby and I meet up with a couple of friends for Saturday lunch and after two wonderful lunchtime visits in the past few months The Duck has now been designated our new haunt!

Winter Wines

Christmas is over; New Year hangovers dismissed; post binge guilt assuaged by a January detox and some will not have had a drop of liquor since the early hours of January 1st.

So if you are awaiting the first day of February with baited breath, then why don’t you plan to break the restraint with style. We have asked Kelli Coxhead of the Winscombe Wine Shop to pick out a selection of gorgeous winter wines to bring some cheer to frosty February.

Restaurant Review

The Shakespeare Pub, Barbican, London

Cuisine: Anglo-Italian

From the outside The Shakespeare looks like a classic London street pub and, maybe, not the kind of place two Sassistas would choose for a ladies lunch. We were wrong!

Rose & Pistachio Raw Chocolate

Is the resolution to give up chocolate starting to waiver now that we’re a couple of weeks into the New Year? Sassista 2 has a sweet tooth and is certainly finding it tough, so we’ve trawled the internet looking for a healthy chocolate bar that will still hit the spot and conquer those cravings for now! There are plenty of recipes out there but we love this one from honestlyhealthyfood.com.

Microbiome Bread

This has to be the best recipe for balancing your microbiome without depriving yourself of bread. Wheat and yeast free while packed with nutrients, it is gentle, digestible but scours all that junk out of a post-Christmas gut. The oats as they are not boiled are a gentle yet efficient gut cleaner, natural yoghurt gives good bacteria and is soothing, flax gives omegas and seeds add in multiple nutrients, soda ensures you avoid yeasts and also neutralises acidity. The taste is delicious and slightly sweet, but there is only the equivalent of a single teaspoon of sugar in the whole loaf.

Cocktail Of The Week - Baobab Beetroot Sherbet

Christmas and New Year are over and the New Year’s resolutions will have started. Abstinence from alcohol, losing weight and healthy eating will be high on the resolution list for many.

So where does a cocktail fit into the new year new you plan? We’ve found a fab book called The Healthy Hedonist by Nicole Herft which contains 40 naughty but nourishing cocktails, all of which look and sound absolutely delicious!

Restaurant Review

Lupa, 170 Thomson Street, Soho Village, New York

Step into Luca and you walk into the epitome of a New York family restaurant. Cosily placed tables, quirky pictures, crisp white linen, glasses shining so bright you hardly need the lightbulbs, staff who look like they really want to see you and feed you. Nothing was a problem.

Restaurant Review

Docks Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill, 633 3rd Avenue, New York, New York

This place bustles inside as much as the streets outside. A substantial restaurant and a favourite in New York the Dock specialises in seafood. Oysters are high on the list for diners and the sound of shucking never stops.

The atmosphere is buzzy, with diners ranging from corporate meets, through romantic dinner for two to big family tables. Service is fast, friendly and definitely New York energetic. There is something lovely about a waitress calling you ‘Ladybug’ and chatting about her favourite cocktails.

Getting in on the gin – five gins for Christmas

Sassistas who like a tipple cannot have missed the fact that gin is on the rise. No longer in the realm of mother’s ruin and the evil of gin lane, this historic drink is becoming increasingly popular and the must have drink. Not only are there hundreds, yes hundreds, of different gins, each with their own distinct subtle botanical flavours, but gin has gone beyond the simple spirit to mix with tonic. Gin is an essential ingredient for cocktails, fruit liqueurs and even unmixed digestives.

Cocktail of the week – Slim Santa

This week we bring you a superb skinny cocktail from uk.thebar.com

This recipe for a Slim Santa is featured as part of Schweppes 12 Twists of Christmas series. Although we couldn’t see exactly how many calories are in it, each glass contains just under 1 unit of alcohol, so you can sip away in the knowledge that you will be keeping both the calories and alcohol units to a ‘reasonable’ minimum.

Cocktail of the week - Pineapple Martini

Every Sassista needs a sassy moment each week, and what better way than to sit back, throw off your shoes and sip on a well-deserved cocktail. We found this one in Shape Magazine in their twelve Cocktails of Christmas series.  

Butternut squash and stilton filo pie recipe from Tesco realfood

With the colder weather now setting in we Sassistas wanted something nice and hearty (but also reasonably healthy). The filo pastry means its not too heavy but the filling makes it feel and taste very substantial. It's also a great choice for vegetarians over the Christmas period and we love that you can even make this pie a month in advance and cook it straight from frozen. We found the recipe on Tesco realfood website.

Restaurant Review

Bistrot Pierre, Princess Royal Square, Beach Road, Weston-super-Mare

Sassistas 1 and 2 recently enjoyed an early evening meal at this newly opened chain restaurant serving French cuisine.

Restaurant review

Angler, South Place Hotel, 2 South Place, London, UK

The Restaurant: Angler is primarily a fish restaurant and specialises in sustainably sourced British seafood. It is Michelin starred and is under the direction of executive chef Gary Foulkes.

Restaurant review

Magdalen, 152 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TU, UK

The Restaurant: Magdalen is a well-established restaurant near London Bridge. The menu is British with European influence but strikes you as a celebration of great British food (take heed French readers – we can do it!)

Top Five Autumn Wines

A change of a season always seems to evoke a change of drinking habits, from fresh whites and rosés, not forgetting a cheeky glass of Prosecco, to warm reds and richer white wines.

The top 5 white wines for Sassy sipping this summer

There is nothing nicer than a balmy summer night refreshed with a crisp white wine. Even better than a good time, there is evidence that wine in moderation*:

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