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Welcome to Staying Sassy

If you are:

  • A woman over 45, in her prime and wants to feel it

  • A woman who wants to look good with her own style

  • A woman who feels younger than she is and wants to look younger

  • Wanting to recapture positive thinking

  • Interested in beauty and health products that work

  • Needing practical solutions for life

Then this is the website for you. Join the Sassistas

About us

We are a group of women over the age of 45 and not ready to give up on life. We have brains, ideas, passions, interests, self-respect and a lot to offer. We will not give in to middle-age. We are Sassy, an online womens magazine, we are strong and we are going to step out in style. Join us.

The focus of Staying Sassy is to give you:

  • Insights and information for positive thinking and relationships

  • Tips on achieving your sassy style

  • Information on health and wellbeing

  • Beauty products to make you glow

Our collateral will grow over time. But, if there is something you want us to research or test – then let us know. If it is Sassy it is on the list.

Quote of the week

"Beauty is what you feel about yourself, not about what you see in the mirror."

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